Masa is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Montréal, Québec.
Sydnie is a visual artist and animator based in Montreal, Quebec. She holds a degree in Cinema Communications from Dawson College and is a recent graduate of Concordia University's Film Animation program offered by the esteemed Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema.
Sydnie's artistic practice is deeply rooted in her experiences as a young black creative, exploring the multifaceted dimensions of black history and ancestry. Utilizing both traditional drawing and digital art mediums, she intricately weaves together narratives that reflect her personal journey and cultural heritage.
Central to Sydnie's body of work are themes of self-love and empowerment, particularly focusing on the celebration and elevation of black femininity. Her animated films serve as a platform for promoting positivity and self-acceptance, offering audiences a glimpse into the transformative journey of embracing one's identity and heritage.
Through her art, Sydnie aims to inspire and uplift, encouraging viewers to embrace their unique narratives and find strength in their roots. Her work resonates with authenticity and depth, inviting audiences to engage with stories that celebrate the richness of black culture and the beauty of individuality.
Sydnie is a member of I.M.P.A.C.T. (The Independent Media Producers Association of Creative Talent), which is a national, member-based non-profit organization. She is also a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, the Toronto Animated Image Society and the Society of Black Archaeologists.

Sydnie’s been fortunate to have participated in several group exhibits and collaborative projects, some exhibits she’s participated in include:

Animated Black Film Festival - Rhumbouge Cowgirl (2022)
-Kwanzaa Film Festival 2022 - Rhumbouge Cowgirl (2022)
-Women’s Canvas Festival - Rhumbouge Cowgirl (2022)
-Manufacturing Entertainment’s Unbound A/V Art: Redefining the Undefined Online Exhibition -Rhumbouge Cowgirl (2022)
-Black Web Fest (The Black Web Festival) 6th edition - Rhumbouge Cowgirl (2022)
-The Black Panther International Short Film Festival (BPISFF) | Animated Shorts Nominee -Rhumbouge Cowgirl (2022)
-Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF) | Outstanding Achievement Winner - Rhumbouge Cowgirl (2022)
-The Black Swan International Film Festival (BSIFF) | Student Film Winner - Rhumbouge Cowgirl (2022)
-Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) 2021 | Canadian Student Competition - For White Folks Only (2020)
-Dawson College: Arts Literature and Communication (ALC) Festival 2017 - Unity in the Early Morning (2017)
-Dawson College: Arts Literature and Communication (ALC) Cinema Communication’s Media Night 2018 - Good Morning Mr. Moon (2017)
-Dawson College: Arts Literature and Communication (ALC) Cinema Communication’s Media Night 2017 - Unity in the Early Morning (2017)

Visual Art
-STEPS Public Art, CreateSpace Public Art Forum, Participating Artist (2024)
-Participating artist in the Concordia University FASA’s “-And It's Just Because I Love You” Black Artist Vernissage (2022)
-Participating artist in the Concordia University Undergrad VAV Gallery’s Black History Month Exhibit (2022)
-Participating artist in the Concordia University Undergrad VAV Gallery’s As We Are Exhibit (2021)
-Contributing artist for Plateau Astro’s 2021 event/activities coloring book (2020)
-Collaborating artist for Head & Hands 50th anniversary merchandise and design (2020)
-Participating artist in ‘Reclaiming My Peace’ exhibit presented at the Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Hanging Sculpture Mobile titled Unity Through Emancipation (2019)
-Participating artist in ‘Container’ exhibit hosted by Flohmarkt Pop- Ups, Sculpture piece titled Mary Ciceron (2019)
-Participating artist in Dawson College ALC Festival (Arts Literature and Communication Festival), Group Interactive Media Piece of cloud storm (2018)
-Participating artist in Dawson College S.P.A.C.E. (Sciences Participating with Arts and Culture in Education),  Animation titled Unity In the Early Morning, GL.TCH Exhibit (2016)
-Participating commissioned artist for A.L.L. (Art Links Lives) PCHS Inter-generational art project, Several painted works (2012, 2014)
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