An abstract animation exploring the impact of consumerism in the Black community. Told in the style of Soviet Propaganda, this animated short dissects the pattern of excessive materialism and consumption prevalent within the Black population. 
My short film African American Express will be told in the style of Soviet Propaganda. Some of my favorite short films are animated Soviet propaganda films. I grew up watching these films from a young age. Soviet animations focus on socio-political phenomena. Throughout the film there will be some recognizable aspects with others being abstract, all taking inspiration from Soviet classics such as “Shooting Range” and “Mister Twister” (1963). I would like for the visuals to be extremely simplistic, with little to no backgrounds. In terms of the sound. For the audio, it will have a smooth, and peppy repetitive song, with ambient noise, such as sounds of chatter, cars passing by, footsteps. I will also be experimenting with dropping the audio component at some points to emphasize the background noise.

African American Express title frame

During the month of December, I focused on the audio component of my film. Up until this point, I had used my own voice as a temp placement for the dialogue. I was fortunate to have worked with 4 local creatives to achieve the completed dialogue for my film.

Pictures from the recording session which was held at the Community Digital Arts Hub (CDAH)

Pictures from the recording session which was held at the Community Digital Arts Hub (CDAH)

January 22, 2024
I mainly worked on refining some sequences such as the reflective charcoal sequence and the corridor sequence.
FEBRUARY 12, 2024
This week I worked on blocking the end sequence. Up until this point, the ending hadn't been set in stone. 

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